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Journal PIPER
International Psychology, Practice and Research is a scientific journal of intercontinental circulation, whose original articles are written in one of the following three languages: English, Spanish, French. Each article is preceded by a trilingual abstract with 5 keywords.
The journal is open to the entire international academic community, in particular to researchers in psychology departments, but also to any researcher who uses the references taken into account by the journal in his or her work.
It covers the different scientific, theoretical and practical fields of psychology, addressing current individual and societal issues.


New events

The 6th International Congress of Psychology will be held on 3-6 October 2018 at Christ University (Bangalore, India) on the theme “Eastern and Western Psychology: Uniqueness, Diversity and Integration”.
This meeting will promote the sharing of knowledge and experiences on important issues of human life from a psychological perspective, taking into account multiple geographical and cultural contexts, as well as different philosophical traditions.